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James A. Nassiri, MD, MA Beverly Hills, CA Office

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435 N Bedford Drive
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Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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James A. Nassiri, MD, MA

Pain Management Specialist & Anesthesiologist located in Beverly Hills, CA & Rancho Cucamonga, CA


At Westside Pain Specialists, located in Beverly Hills and Rancho Cucamonga, California, Dr. James Nassiri uses his rich background in treating patients with a wide variety of acute chronic pain conditions. Patients from throughout the Los Angeles area benefit from his expertise in treating arthritis, back, neck, knee, and shoulder pain, and sciatica with platelet rich plasma injections and other innovative pain management techniques.

Dr. Nassiri’s educational path began in his hometown at the University of Southern California, where he graduated with Honors, earning a degree in Exercise Science. From there, his journey took him to the East Coast, where he achieved a Master’s Degree and Medical Doctorate from the Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Nassiri then returned to his beloved Los Angeles, expanding his medical knowledge with an internship in general surgery, with residency training in Anesthesiology, and is now double-board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology and the American Board of Pain Medicine. 

Using his extensive training, Dr. Nassiri treats both chronic pain conditions, as well as seeks to promote awareness of these extremely debilitating ailments. His primary focus is tailoring treatments to suit specific patient needs, working to improve their lives as effectively as possible. Due to his background, Dr. Nassiri is now a Senior Consultant at HealthHelp, and was recently promoted to Medical Director of the Pain and Musculoskeletal Program. Dr. Nassiri has been asked to review and provide his expert medical opinion in the legal field, working with attornies to assist with complex cases.

Dr. Nassiri sums up his commitment to patients thusly: "My primary focus is to listen to the patient's pain condition because healing begins with recognition."