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Knee Pain Specialist

James A. Nassiri, MD, MA

Pain Management Specialist & Anesthesiologist located in Beverly Hills, CA & Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Dr. James Nassiri, an expert in Pain Management can assist you with treating and managing your knee pain. Located in Beverly Hills and Rancho Cucamonga, CA at the Westside Pain Specialists, Dr. Nassiri can develop a treatment plan for you to manage your knee pain. Knee pain can severely reduce your mobility and affect your ability to live and work as you would want.

Knee Pain Q & A

What Is Knee Pain?

The knee is one of the most frequently used joints in the entire body, in particular for those who live an active lifestyle. Over time, your knee will naturally develop wear and tear from everyday use, eventually causing pain, tightness, and general discomfort. However, some knee pain can result from underlying conditions. Therefore you need to seek medical treatment to correct the issue and return your mobility to normal.

How Does Knee Pain Affect People’s Lives?

People who suffer from chronic knee pain often report restricted mobility in both their professional and personal lives. If these conditions persist, it can be difficult to hold a job or engage in the leisure activities that you enjoy the most. When you’ve been dealing with knee pain that has not abated on its own, it’s important to try and identify the source of your discomfort, which will aid in treatment.

What Is Causing My Knee Pain?

On top of normal wear, knee pain can be caused by a number of factors. Activity-related injuries, diseases such as arthritis, and pinched blood vessels and nerves can all be causes of chronic knee pain. At your initial visit, your doctor will thoroughly examine your knee to identify the cause of your pain. After the exam, your doctor will assist you in finding a course of treatment that fits your needs.

How Do Treatments for Knee Pain Vary?

Treatments for chronic knee pain can vary based on the severity of your condition. Stretches, pain medication, and surgery are all viable forms of treatment, and your doctor will decide which one is best for you. To address your knee pain, you need to visit Beverly Hills and Dr. James Nassiri of the Westside Pain Specialists, where you will receive comprehensive treatment to relieve your pain.

We treat chronic fatigue, stem cell therapy, healing for sports injuries, and more. We also treat Achilles tendon tears, along with regenerative therapy.


At Westside Pain Specialists, our goal is to provide every patient the opportunity to obtain the pain treatment they need. We are dedicated to partnering with you and your insurance. If you have any questions about the insurance policies we accept, please call our office to find out how we can partner with you and begin your healing process.

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