The Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy for Fibromyalgia Pain

Chronic pain is never easy to contend with, and when fibromyalgia is the cause, there’s no treatment leading to a cure. The condition can only be managed, typically with a combination of therapies and pain medications. While techniques such as physical and occupational therapy can provide some drug-free benefits, overuse of medications to control pain can have consequences of its own.

Fibromyalgia affects as much as 8% of the population, most of whom are women. The diagnostic definition of the condition is based on three months or more with widespread body pain that has no obvious medical explanation. Given what isn’t known about fibromyalgia, effective relief can be hard to find.

A new approach to fibromyalgia treatment

The causes behind fibromyalgia aren’t known, one of the reasons why treatment is so difficult. Some patients simply don’t respond to therapy treatments, so they have to rely on drug-based pain management, including the side effects and dependencies that can arise.

The use of intravenous (IV) vitamin infusions presents a different therapy that improves the quality of life for some people with fibromyalgia. These infusions are sometimes called Myers’ cocktails, after Dr. John Myers, who used these IV-delivered nutrient formulas as a method to improve a variety of chronic conditions.

Improved efficiency

IV delivery represents a more efficient way to introduce some vitamins and nutrients in your body. Oral delivery of some vitamins means that the digestive system processes them before they’re delivered to your bloodstream for use throughout your body. 

Vitamin C, for example, is water-soluble, and only a portion of the amount available through your diet makes it to your bloodstream. The remainder flushes from the body in your urine.

Concentrations of vitamin C can be 50 times higher when delivered by IV infusion rather than through oral supplements. Your body, then, has 50 times the resources and benefits from this powerful antioxidant. This holds true for other vitamins and nutrients as well, freed from the effects of your digestive system.

IV therapy and fibromyalgia

Typically, IV cocktails used for chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia can include:

As an IV therapy specialist, Dr. Nassiri can customize an infusion based on your body’s chemistry and nutrient needs. There’s no special combination of vitamins and nutrients, so as you learn which combinations work best for you, you may see even more impressive results.

Studies show that therapy-resistant fibromyalgia patients reported reductions in chronic pain and chronic fatigue associated with the condition, and improved ability to function through their daily activities. Benefits from the IV therapy generally appeared within 24 to 48 hours. 

In one eight-week study, participants reported pain reductions of 60%, while fatigue symptoms improved by 80%. There were no accompanying side effects or complications reported.

With a condition as mysterious as fibromyalgia, your improvements may be different, but the results indicate that IV therapy may be an effective way to reduce drug dependency and improve your quality of life, with little to no risk of negative side effects. 

Contact either location of Westside Pain Specialists by phone or by using the convenient online booking tool to arrange a consultation with Dr. Nassiri. Relief from fibromyalgia symptoms may be just a cocktail away.

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